Alaska 2009

    Trip report: click here.

    To contact me while Iím on this trip email to redhawk800 at

    Basic trip plan:
    Ride north on US Hwy 287 to itís northern terminus near Choteau, Montana. Hwy 287 ran in front of our house until they moved the highway, bypassing Berthoud. The route will take me thru Yellowstone NP.
    Iíll then cross into Canada and travel on the west side of the Rockies for a while before crossing the Continental Divide  and taking the Icefields Parkway to Jasper.
    From Jasper itís west on the Yellowhead Highway to Prince George and then Kitwanga where I pick up the Cassier Highway.
    North on the Cassier with side trips to Hyder, Alaska and Telegraph Creek before reaching Watson Lake and the famous Signpost Forest.
    Then it is north on the Campbell Highway thru Ross River, ending at Carmacks where Iííll get on the Klondike Highway to Dawson City. In Dawson Iíll be attending the Dust to Dawson (D2D) motorcycle rally. But Iím expecting to have time before D2D to make the excursion to Inuvik, NWT, via the Dempster Highway, which is the northern most point in Canada accessible by summer roads.
    After D2D Iíll take the Top of the World Highway to Chicken, Alaska and the Taylor Hwy to Tok. Then it is the Alaska Hwy to Fairbanks.
    Fairbanks is the departure point for the Dalton Hwy to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay, the northern most road in North America. After returning to Fairbanks Iíll head south to Anchorage, stopping for some sightseeing around Denali NP.
    Continuing south Iíll travel to Homer on the south end on the Kenai Peninsula and Seward. Then Iím headed ďhomeĒ, but there is lots to see yet.
    If I have time Iíll make side trips to Valdez and McCarthy, then join the Alaska Hwy to Haines Junction where Iíll travel south to Haines and visit the Hammer Museum. A ferry will transport me to Skagway where Iíll ride back to the Alaska Hwy.
    IĒll probably take the Alaska Hwy for a ways just so I can say Iíve done it, and to take a road I havenít traveled yet. Iíll cut over to Prince George and head south thru central British Columbia and central Washington. Before heading home Iíll visit a long time friend in Portland and check out the ironwork in Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood.


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